100 Inspiring Subject Lines: 5 Examples of Using Special Characters

100 Inspiring Subject LinesSupport for special characters is good enough that they’ve become common in subject lines over the past 24 months or so, opening up many new creative opportunities. Our 100 Inspiring Subject Lines includes some great examples of ones that use special characters:

Subject Line #69
Avaaz.org, 12/10/12 — They want to ██████ the Internet
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Subject Line #70
Neiman Marcus, 11/12/12 — ❼ shoes for a well-rounded wardrobe
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Subject Line #82
Jeep, 9/5/13 — ●|||||||● Your Jeep newsletter is here.
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Subject Line #90
Vera Bradley, 7/1/13 — Summer checklist: ✓ Sarong ✓Beach Towel…
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Subject Line #91
Delta Air Lines, 4/1/13 — ❶ Register. ❷ Spend $50 dining. ❸ Earn 150 miles.
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For a discussion of each of these subject lines…

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