100 Inspiring Subject Lines: 4 Subject Line Personalization Examples

100 Inspiring Subject LinesWhile first-name personalization of subject lines can still be effective when used prudently, it has become clear that subject line personalization has moved beyond first names. At this point, knowing a subscriber’s name is just not very impressive, and not a convincing indicator that the content of the email is personalized and targeted.

Subject line personalization needs to demonstrate a deeper understanding of the subscriber. Our 100 Inspiring Subject Lines includes some great examples of subject line personalization taken to the next level:

Subject Line #50
LinkedIn, 1/13/11: Chad, 118 of your connections changed jobs in 2010.
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Subject Line #51
FetchDog, 8/9/11: Add more fun to your walks with Suki
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Subject Line #86
Kiva, 10/10/13: $62.14
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Subject Line #87
Moosejaw, 12/6/13: You have $37.90 in Moosejaw Rewards Points Waiting to be Spent
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For a discussion of each of these subject lines…

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