10 Experts on How to Use Email Marketing for Events

Smart InsightsEmail marketing can be a powerful driver of event success. To get the latest advice on how to use email to ensure that your event is packed, Zettasphere Founder Tim Watson asked me and eight other email marketing experts to share our No. 1 tip for promoting a webinar or paid physical event.

Here’s the advice I shared:

The biggest opportunity around events is to address the journeys that happen (1) during consideration, (2) post-conversion but pre-event, (3) during the event, and (4) post-event. A person on each of those journeys has different needs at different points, and there are great opportunities to use personalization, dynamic content, and triggered emails to address those needs and drive the desired behavior.

Justine Jordan, Kath Pay, Samantha Iodice, Dela Quist, Skip Fidura, Jordie van Rijn, Dave Chaffey, Parry Malm, and Tim Watson shared recommendations that address email content, frequency, segmentation, and automation—plus tips on how to promote British death punk bands.

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