10 Email Marketing Top 10 Lists for 2015

Top 10 Top 10 Lists from LitmusOver the past two weeks, the team here at Litmus has been boiling down the events of 2015 into 10 top 10 lists. Each covers a different aspect of email marketing. Check them all out here:

Top 10 Email Design + Marketing Litmus Blog Posts of 2015

The most popular Litmus blog posts included ones on Email Client Market Share, How to Code a Live Dynamic Twitter Feed in Email, and A First Look at Email on the Apple Watch.

Top 10 Email Marketing Stats of 2015

At the top of the list: US marketing executives believe email alone drives the same amount of revenue as their social media, website, and display ad efforts combined, according to The Relevancy Group.

Top 10 Most Popular Snippets of 2015

Code snippets help you code your emails more quickly. The most popular one? Code that removes blue links on Apple devices.

Top 10 Most Tested Email Clients in 2015

Litmus allows marketers to test the rendering of their emails in more than 40 email clients. The one that marketers tested the most often? Outlook 2013.

Top 10 Community Discussions of 2015

Of the hundreds of discussions in the Litmus Community over the past year, the most engaging ones were about hamburger menus in emails, a desktop Outlook HTML/CSS support wishlist, and a Community Contest about creative uses of ALT text.

Top 10 Email Design Podcast Episodes of 2015

The most popular Email Design Podcast episodes were about our favorite emails of 2014; our predictions for 2015; and the impact of responsive email, the new Outlook app, and Email Design Contests.

Top 10 Most Popular Email Clients of 2015

The Apple iPhone, Gmail, and Apple iPad stayed at the top of the leader board all year, but there was considerable jockeying among the other email clients.

Top 10 Best Performing Litmus Emails of 2015

There are many ways to measure the success of an email campaign and in this post we use a bunch of them to highlight our own successful campaigns.

Top 10 Email Developments of 2015

Our pick for the biggest development in email? The debut of the Apple Watch.

Top 10 Email Marketing Predictions for 2016

We end our retrospective with a look into the future. Our predictions range from the all-but-guaranteed to the “Geez, that limb is thin.”

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