You Can't Fix What You Can't See

Email marketing programs are complex three-dimensional objects. If you don’t look at them from all angles and shine a light into the nooks, you simply can’t see it all. And if you can’t fully see it, you have little hope of fully understanding it, much less optimizing and mastering it.

Unfortunately, there’s significant evidence that many brands have poor visibility into their email performance. That’s jeopardizing both customer experiences and email profitability for those brands.

In this on-demand webinar, we discuss how poor performance visibility is affecting email marketing quality assurance, return on investment, and deliverability. Along the way, we share research as well as advice from a few of the more than 500 consultants at Oracle Marketing Cloud Consulting—including our Senior Director of QA and Campaign Services, Simone Edmonds; Senior Strategic Consultant for Deliverability Services, Kent McGovern; and Director of Strategic Services, Kaiti Livermore. Break the cycle of your email marketing status quo.

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The Last Word on May 2019

The Last WordA roundup of email marketing articles, posts, and tweets you might have missed last month…

Must-read articles, posts & reports

When It’s Time to Let Go: 5 Tactics to Improve the Unsubscribe Experience (Litmus)

Do recent changes in the ESP landscape benefit clients? IBM, Epsilon, Yes Marketing (Email Vendor Selection)

What brands can learn from a year of GDPR in preparing for the California Consumer Privacy Act (MarketingDive)

The Cookie Crumbles: Google Announces Privacy Controls (Wayin)

Insightful & entertaining tweets

Noteworthy subject lines

Monterey Bay Aquarium, 5/23 – Summer is coming
Burlington, 5/1 – Give Mom what she really wants
Belk, 5/1 – Spoil Mom, Spoil YOU: Up to 70% Off
Barneys New York, 5/5 – 12 Gift Ideas For Mother’s Day
Clinique, 5/5 – Make sure Mom’s gifts arrive on time.
Ann Taylor, 5/12 – Final Hours For Our Mother’s Day Event!
Neiman Marcus, 5/19 – Dolce & Gabbana for you & your mini
ThinkGeek, 5/4 – May the Fourth Be With You (and this Coupon Code)
FansEdge, 5/4 – May The Fourth Be With You
Chico’s, 5/5 – Cinco DEAL Mayo: Final Deal
J.Crew, 5/30 – We’re bursting with pride
Fossil, 5/30 – Ace Grad Gifting
JCPenney, 5/29 – Dip your toes in…$5 flip flops!
Banana Republic, 5/26 – Summer starts now. Wear linen.
Hayneedle, 5/19 – The seagulls are impressed. Gorgeous coastal-style rooms.
MAC Cosmetics, 5/13 – The Disney Aladdin Collection by M•A•C is Going Fast!
Saks Fifth Avenue, 5/7 – These Met Gala-inspired pieces are pink carpet-approved…
Express, 5/1 – The May Edit: Rent this month’s top trending styles
Ann Taylor, 5/10 – 40% Off This Season’s Must-Have Hue
Sears, 5/5 – Please share! Extra 10-20% off + $60 CASHBACK in points
UncommonGoods, 5/15 – Up to 70% Off (still 100% Uncommon)
Applebee’s, 5/4 – Teachers + Applebee’s = Free Appetizer
Moosejaw, 5/23 – Limited Edition Collection — Moosejaw x Great Lakes Proud
MAC Cosmetics, 5/19 – Four Formulas to Master Your Ultimate Matte Lip!
Epicurious, 5/29 – Stop crying over chopped onions!
Jos. A. Bank, 5/16 – Maintain your Body’s Optimum Microclimate with Travel Tech
ModCloth, 5/3 – Add a little “je ne sais quoi” to your wardrobe.
ThinkGeek, 5/13 – Pika Pika?
Sony Electronics, 5/13 – Our Speaker is Famous | The XB41 is in a New Music Video
Feeding America, 5/22 – Endless summer… for all the wrong reasons

New posts on

SEMrush’s Marketing Scoop Podcast: What Works Best for Email Marketing Now?

2-Year Anniversary of the 3rd Edition of “Email Marketing Rules”

How to Use AI Subject Line and Copywriting Tools Successfully

Litmus’s Delivering Podcast: Asking the Right Questions

The Rise of Exploitive Email Click Bots

The Latest B2B Email Marketing Trends

The Last Word on April 2019

Marketing Scoop 2.33

How can content marketing and email marketing work together? That was the central question that AWeber’s Jill Fanslau and I tried to answer when we appeared on the Season 2, Episode 33 of SEMrush’s Marketing Scoop podcast.

During the episode, we talked about:

  • What’s changed in email marketing over the past few years
  • How email marketing’s ROI is a double-edged sword, that both helps and hurts marketers
  • How brands should adjust to GDPR and why the law is good for brands
  • Why list purchases are a no-no and the confusion around list purchases and rentals
  • List building across channels
  • The role of subject lines and the right victory metrics to use for subject line A/B testing
  • How it’s not email versus other channels and rather about email working with all your other channels and vice versa
  • And much more

Listen to the episode of Marketing Scoop wherever you get your podcasts or…

>> Listen to the podcast online

>> Watch the podcast on YouTube

2-Year Anniversary of 3rd Edition of Email Marketing Rules

Two years ago today, the 3rd Edition of “Email Marketing Rules” was published. Weighing in at 467 pages, many consider it the most comprehensive books on email marketing ever. I’ve been exceedingly proud that I’ve been able to provide marketers with a source of trusted advice on this critical marketing channel.

96% of reviewers have given “Email Marketing Rules” 5 stars on If you’re one of the email geeks who has reviewed it, I thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Because it has been so well received, BookAuthority has named it one of the best Digital Marketing books of all time. It’s currently at No. 10, putting it in the company of David Meerman Scott’s “The New Rules of Marketing & PR” and Kyle Gray’s “The Story Engine.” That’s amazing!

Thanks again to everyone for your support. I feel exceedingly lucky to have stumbled—like so many of you—into this powerful and dynamic industry.

>> Find “Email Marketing Rules” on

Using AI Subject Line and Copywriting Tools Successfully

Brands are turning to AI and machine learning to answer extremely complex questions, including, “What words should I use to communicate most effectively?” Companies like Persado, Phrasee, Touchstone, and others have turned AI’s data-crunching and pattern-finding power onto email subject lines, as well as other marketing copy.

Oracle Marketing Cloud Consulting has seen high interest in these tools among our clients. However, when our clients have tried them, the results have been mixed.

Among those brands that didn’t find enough success, the most common complaints that we’ve heard are that:

  • The lift in email performance wasn’t sustainable beyond a few months,
    and that
  • The results in general didn’t justify the expense.

If you’re considering these tools, we have some advice to get you on the path to success.

>> Read the full post on Oracle’s Modern Marketing Blog

Delivering Episode 3: Asking the Right Questions with Chad S. White

Email analytics are pivotal to achieving marketing success, but many marketers misunderstand what the numbers are telling them or set the wrong goals.

In episode 3 of Delivering podcast, Litmus’s Jason Rodriguez and I talk about:

  • Where brands go wrong with email analytics
  • The most commonly misunderstood metrics
  • The right email metrics to focus your attention on
  • How an email brief can keep your campaign success metrics aligned
  • Where the gaps are in email performance visibility and how to try to close those gaps
  • How the desiloing of email marketing is driving the need for more cross-channel visibility
  • Cost-mindsets versus growth-mindsets
  • Why maximizing email marketing’s ROI isn’t the end goal

For a discussion of each of these issues…

>> Listen to the Delivering podcast on the Litmus blog

The Rise of Exploitive Email Click Bots

The Next Evolution in Email Click Bots: Exploitive Bots Pretending to Be Engaged Subscribers

Bots are having a profound effect on how the internet functions and may even outnumber people on some platforms like Twitter. Email marketing is not immune to click bots, with the newest activity being from bots that mimic human subscribers in order to collect information to power data service businesses.

The problem with these kinds of email click bots is that they create activity that inflates performance numbers and causes false positives that trigger automated campaigns and muddy targeting efforts. All in all, they simply make it more difficult to see how subscribers are truly responding. That can cause brands to make tactical or strategic changes that serve bots rather than actual subscribers.

Oracle’s Heather Goff, Bradford Johnson, Dan Deneweth, Wade Hobbs, Kent McGovern and I explore these bots in more detail, but let’s do so in the broader context of all email click bots. We think of these bots as falling into three categories, with each one requiring its own potential remedies:

  • Beneficial Email Click Bots
  • Malicious Email Click Bots
  • Exploitive Email Click Bots

For full discussion of each of these kinds of bots and advice on how to respond to them…

>> Read the full post on Oracle’s Modern Marketing blog

The Latest B2B Email Marketing Trends

The Latest Trends in B2B Email Marketing

At the same time that email marketing is becoming more complex, all of the issues surrounding it are becoming more interconnected. That is strikingly apparent when looking at the latest B2B email marketing trends identified by members of Oracle Marketing Cloud Consulting’s Expert Services team, which assist Eloqua customers with all aspects of their email programs.

Oracle’s Autumn Coleman, Kim Roman, Cristal Foster, Chris Carlock, Fabricio J. Lopez, and Otilia Antipa talk about this interconnected chain of current B2B email marketing trends, which includes:

  • Compliance Automation
  • More Active Management of Inactives
  • Stronger Opt-ins
  • Growing Adoption of Preference Centers
  • Hyper-Personalization
  • Send Time Optimization
  • Smart Trigger Timing
  • AI Helps Do It All Better
  • Data Warehouse Integrations
  • Embracing B2C Strategies & Tools

For a discussion of each of these B2B email marketing trends…

>> Read the full post on Oracle’s Modern Marketing Blog

The Last Word on April 2019

The Last WordA roundup of email marketing articles, posts, and tweets you might have missed last month…

Must-read articles, posts & reports

13 Email Marketing Statistics That Are Shaping 2019 and Beyond (Convince & Convert)

Email Marketing Budget Changes in 2019: Where Email Teams Invest More—And Where They Cut Back (Litmus)

Insightful & entertaining tweets

Noteworthy subject lines

Petco, 4/1 – New at Petco: pet wedding planning
Walmart, 4/19 – 15 Mother’s Day gifts that last longer than flowers
Neiman Marcus, 4/19 – Louis Vuitton: Show your love this Mother’s Day
Banana Republic, 4/25 – Our Mother’s Day gift guide to fuel your Mom’s wanderlust
Zales, 4/25 – Disney Obsessed Mom?
Saks Fifth Avenue, 4/26 – Actress & author Bridget Moynahan’s top gifts for every Mom
J.Crew, 4/29 – New picks for you (and for Mom too)
Hobby Lobby, 4/4 – Need Easter Basket Ideas? 40% Off Summer Toys!
LifeWay Christian Stores, 4/6 – Heading to an Easter Celebration? Don’t Forget a Gift!
Tractor Supply Company, 4/10 – Everything You Need to Get Ready For Spring – Shop Now!
Hayneedle, 4/29 – Cookout season is coming – let’s prep!
Barneys New York, 4/7 – How to Take Festival Style to The Next Level
Nordstrom, 4/19 – Sandals for all your sunny-weather plans
West Elm, 4/6 – Looking for a small space dining table? You NEED this.
Applebee’s, 4/25 – Chad, Do you have plans for dinner?
Neiman Marcus, 4/3 – New shoes channel retro glam
Victoria’s Secret, 4/4 – No seams. No limits.
Target, 4/26 – Preview the vineyard vines for Target collection, arriving 5/18
Kohl’s, 4/4 – 20% off + $5 + Kohl’s Cash = (sorry, too busy shopping to do math)
Gap, 4/23 – Pick a number between 40 and 70 (hint: savings involved)
Petco, 4/11 – Enter for a chance to win a year’s supply of pet food!**
J.Crew, 4/15 – TBH you’d be crazy to miss this 24-hour sale
Victoria’s Secret, 4/12 – All about that sets appeal…
Feeding America, 4/23 – This does not belong in the trash
Harley-Davidson, 4/15 – The Builders Behind The Bikes + Snag Your H-D Extreme Cooler Tote
REI, 4/19 – Customer Tested. BACKPACKER Approved.
Southwest, 4/23 – Your post-worthy paradise is on sale.

New posts on

The Pros and Cons of AMP for Email

When Retina Images Should Be Used in Emails and When They Shouldn’t

How Marketers Can Adapt to Voice-Assistants Reading Emails

The Last Word on March 2019

The Pros and Cons of AMP for Email

AMP for Email: The Pros and Cons for Marketers

Subscribers expect email content to cater to their individual needs and circumstances. They have the same expectations of email design, which is why we’ve spent the better part of the past decade making our emails mobile-friendly.

Email interactivity and now AMP for Email are the next waves in this tidal trend of creating individually compelling email experiences based on each subscriber’s behavior and email reading environment.

While AMP for Email offers many benefits, there are challenges, as Oracle Marketing Cloud Consulting’s Henry Alva, Heather Goff, and Jennifer Lancaster Dana explain. Those challenges include:

  • Marketers need to learn the AMP for Email coding language.
  • It requires a new MIME type to be written and QAed.
  • It requires email service providers to support the new MIME type.
  • To render this MIME type, Google requires that senders maintain a positive Gmail sending reputation.
  • It will change subscriber behavior and metrics.
  • AMP for Email may fail.

To learn more about these challenges, as well as all the benefits of AMP for Email…

>> Read the full post on Oracle’s Modern Marketing Blog


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