Single Opt-In vs Double Opt-In - The Verdict on Email PermissionWe’ve heard the case for single opt-in (SOI) and the case for double opt-in (DOI). And we have also heard public opinion on the matter, which is nearly evenly split.

After weighing all the evidence, we’ve come to the following three opinions:

  1. Single opt-in just isn’t an option for everyone.
  2. Boiling permission down to single opt-in vs. double opt-in is a gross oversimplification as that puts all the focus on confirmation, which is only one component of an opt-in.
  3. Single opt-in and double opt-in both have a place in many organizations.

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Read the article on CIODive.comI spoke with CIO Dive about the Microsoft-LinkedIn deal and what the synergies are. Here are the three key questions they asked along with my responses:

What is Microsoft going to do with LinkedIn user data?
Beyond the synergies around Microsoft’s Dynamics CRM and Bing ad targeting, LinkedIn user data could be used to augment Microsoft Outlook’s email address book functionality. Contact information can get stale quickly. But LinkedIn data could be used to keep this information current—as well as to suggest alternative potential contacts by using company names and titles when the contact a user has is no longer relevant. A live, auto-updating address book would be a powerful addition to Outlook.

How can they use LinkedIn to promote products?
Microsoft will certainly be able to use LinkedIn to directly promote their products through ads and other content on the network. But the greater opportunity is to use the platform to demonstrate how useful Microsoft tools are rather than just telling LinkedIn users that they’re useful.

For instance, Microsoft could replace LinkedIn messaging with Outlook 365, reserving some advanced functionality for Premium LinkedIn users. The ability to compose rich messages using Word and schedule meetings using Outlook’s calendar from within LinkedIn would be very attractive. Plus, Microsoft could integrate Skype into LinkedIn so the meetings themselves could happen within the social network. Integrating Cortana into LinkedIn, especially into their mobile app, could also prove powerful.

How does this fit in with Office 365?
In addition to replacing LinkedIn messaging with Outlook 365 and using LinkedIn connections to create a live, auto-updating address book, Microsoft could also add interactive functionality to create more powerful email experiences. For instance, Google allows you to approve Google Plus connection requests inside emails in Gmail without clicking through to Google Plus, and Gmail supports embedded video content from YouTube. Microsoft should follow Google’s lead and strengthen the ecosystem around Outlook 365 by integrating it with LinkedIn and SlideShare so that emails from LinkedIn are interactive and supporting SlideShare embeds.

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4 Fears Email Marketers Need to Conquer

Read all of Chad's Marketing Land columnsWhen Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers came out in 2008, everyone was really taken by the “10,000 Hour Rule,” which said that it took roughly 10,000 hours to become an expert at something. At the time, I worked at the email marketing agency Smith-Harmon and we liked the concept so much that we created our own corollary: the “10,000 Email Rule.” That’s where you are considered an email expert once you’d created, analyzed, or reviewed 10,000 emails. Needless to say, that can take a lot less than 10,000 hours.

I remember the agency’s co-founder, Lisa Harmon, telling the team that email marketing was a relatively quick medium to master because:

  • It’s high-volume
  • It’s highly measurable
  • It’s quickly measurable
  • It has high returns
  • It’s easily A/B tested
  • Mistakes aren’t seen by all your subscribers and only haunt you until your next send, which…oh my god…you have to get ready for!

Essentially, email marketing is the epitome of a “fail fast” medium, because you can quickly and relatively painlessly experiment and learn from your tests and mistakes to achieve greater success. Or at least it should be.

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5 Ways Microsoft’s Acquisition of LinkedIn Could Impact Email Users and Email MarketersMicrosoft’s announced $26 billion acquisition of LinkedIn today will not only net the tech giant the top business-oriented social network, but the move could have several ramifications for email users and email marketers. Here are five possible scenarios to watch for:

  1. LinkedIn messaging replaced by Outlook 365
  2. LinkedIn contacts integrated into Outlook address book
  3. LinkedIn and SlideShare interactivity within Outlook email inboxes
  4. Better spam protection on LinkedIn.
  5. Skype and Calendar integration into LinkedIn

For all the details…

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Public option on SOI vs. DOIThe case has been made for single opt-in and the case has been made for double opt-in. This contest is clearly one of great public interest, judging by the number of people who have testified by commenting and by the reactions of people on Twitter and elsewhere.

These comments deserve consideration and the public’s opinion will be heard, but first let’s again be clear on who the two parties are in this dispute:

  • Single opt-in (SOI) is a subscription process where a new email address is added to your mailing list without requiring the owner of that email address to confirm definitively that they knowingly and willingly opted in
  • Double opt-in (DOI), also known as confirmed opt-in (COI), is a subscription process where a new email address is only added to your mailing address after the email address owner clicks a confirmation link in a subscription activation or opt-in confirmation request email that’s sent to them after they opt in via a form or checkbox

With those formalities out of the way, let the voice of the people be heard!

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The Last Word on May 2016

The Last WordA roundup of email marketing articles, posts, and tweets you might have missed last month…

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Insightful & entertaining tweets

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The Last Word on April 2016

2016 State of Email AgenciesEmail marketing agency teams provide help for short-term projects, bring in strategic and technical skills that may be hard to hire for locally, and in many cases provide day-to-day operations support. They’re key part of the email marketing ecosystem. Their email marketing processes are also considerably different than those of brand marketers.

In our 2016 State of Email Agencies infographic, we highlight some of big differences between how agencies create emails and how brand marketers do, in terms of team sizes, time spent on various email tasks, and the tools used.

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And for a deep dive into all facets of the email production process, check out our 2016 State of Email Production report.

The Case for Single Opt-InWe gather here to settle once and for all the debate as to whether single opt-in or double opt-in is the better signup process. Before we begin, let’s be clear on what these two terms mean:

  • Single opt-in (SOI) is a subscription process where a new email address is added to your mailing list without requiring the owner of that email address to confirm definitively that they knowingly and willingly opted in
  • Double opt-in (DOI), also known as confirmed opt-in (COI), is a subscription process where a new email address is only added to your mailing address after the email address owner clicks a confirmation link in a subscription activation or opt-in confirmation request email that’s sent to them after they opt in via a form or checkbox

With that out of the way, let’s now hear the case for single opt-in…

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Read all of Chad's Marketing Land columnsA good salary isn’t just about the money, it’s about respect. And it’s not just about respect of the individual, but also about respect for the activities that person is involved with.

When we surveyed more than 500 US-based email marketers for our State of Email Salaries & Jobs in the US, we’d hoped to uncover differences between various geographic regions, industry verticals, and company sizes. And we did. But we also uncovered a number of characteristics that identify companies that value email marketing — and, in turn, email marketers.

In my latest Marketing Land column, I list the characteristics that impact email marketing salaries—both the ones that brands can’t control and, more importantly, the ones that brands do control. I also share an infographic that summarizes all of these characteristics.

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In the era of the connected consumer, marketing has become more competitive and challenging than ever. Today’s consumers are better informed and more empowered, and they expect a personalized experience at every stage of the customer life cycle. This is why email has become the #1 channel for delivering offers, information, and customer service communications tailored to the needs, interests and behaviors of the consumer.

In this presentation that Joel Book of Salesforce and I gave yesterday at Salesforce Connections in Atlanta, we shared:

  • Case studies from innovative brands that use email to engage consumers and deliver personalized content at each stage of the customer life cycle
  • How to use customer data and predictive analytics to trigger email execution and personalize email content based on the customer’s needs and intent
  • Creative tips and techniques to optimize email click-through and conversion
  • How to use email in combination with other channels to engage consumers

Here are the slides from our presentation:

And here is a list of additional resources that we shared with attendees so they could take a deeper dive into each stage of the lifecycle:


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