When Retina Images Should Be Used in Emails and When They Shouldn’t

When to Use Retina Images in Emails and When to Avoid Them

Because of the prevalence of high-DPI screens, marketers need to use retina images to ensure that their emails look crisp and not cheap. However, that doesn’t mean that every image in an email needs to be a retina image. Marketers should use retina images in their emails only when it creates a…

The Last Word on March 2019

A roundup of email marketing articles, posts, and tweets you might have missed last month… Must-read articles, posts & reports Email Marketing ROI: What leads to better returns? (Litmus) Take action and stay up-to-date with dynamic email in Gmail (Google) Audiences, targeting and signups (Word to the Wise) Good Copy is Good…

How Marketers Can Adapt to Voice-Assistants Reading Emails

Voice-Assistants Reading Emails: How Marketers Can Adapt

The launch of the Apple iPhone in 2007 prompted a decade-long effort for marketers to make their emails mobile-friendly. The rise of voice-assistants will likely have a similar impact on email marketers, although less tectonic and probably much messier. In this blog post, Oracle Marketing Cloud Consulting’s Kathryn Alva, Henry Alva, and…


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